Multy-Country Joint Project «Environmental curricula at agricultural universities» (ENAGRA)


Project goals and objectives:

To bring three cycle structure curricula and teaching methods at Project partner universities, in the priority discipline of environment, into line with the Bologna requirements by June 2011.


-         Elaboration of target curricula

-         Development of courses

-         Development of distance and e-learning methodology

-         Pilot study programs implemented

-         Study programs evaluation and upgrading

-         Dissemination within/beyond consortium

-         Introduction of modernized study programs

-         Evaluation of modernized study program curricula

Expected results:

-         Proposed ENAGRA Project aims at modernization of curricula at four Partner agricultural Universities in Russian Federation and in Ukraine. Project results will lead to harmonization of Russian and Ukrainian higher education system with European one and they will directly support implementation of Bologna process in Project Partner Countries.

-         The planned to be modernized three cycle structural curricula in the area of environmental studied will consist of the 4 years Bachelor program followed by 2 years Master program and 3 years PhD study. Specialty for development/modernization: “Ecology and Environmental Protection” was selected for Ukrainian Partners.

-         The structure of modernized study program will be based on EU standards. Study program will consist of compulsory subjects, restricted optional subjects and fully optional subjects.

-         The teaching methodology will combine lectures, practical exercises or experiments, case works, team projects, modelling field trips, internships and thesis research. Partner University staff will be trained on new, advanced study subjects and new teaching methods. Educational computer and environmental quality laboratories will be developed/upgraded and library resources will be updated.

Duration: 15.01.2010 - 14.01.2013

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