On 06-09 November, 2012 the final conference on Tempus Multi-Country Joint Project “Environmental Curricula at Agricultural Universities” (ENAGRA) 159188-TEMPUS-1-2009-1-PL-TEMPUS-JPCR was held at Lviv National Agrarian University.

Final conference was aimed to summarize three-year project that had started in January 2010.
32 participants took part at the conference from different universities: Warsaw University of Life Sciences (Poland), National University of Life and Environmental Sciences of Ukraine (Ukraine), Lviv National Agrarian University (Ukraine), University of Natural Resources and Life Sciences (Austria), Ghent University (Belgium), University of Lleida (Spain), Saratov State Agrarian University (Russia), Buryat State Agricultural Academy (Russia), Institute EDUTER (France), IROICA, ICA.

Coordinator of the project Olga Ishchenko made the presentation in title “Activities and outcomes of ENAGRA project at LNAU”.

Ass. prof Khirivskyy P., Krektun B., prof. Hnativ P.,(Ecology and Biology Departament) made the presentation in title “Modernization and introduction of the new study courses for the Bachelor and Master programs in the field of study “Ecology and Environmental Protection”.

Representative of inter-coaching Tempus project LAGOS Petrakovska O. performed the presentation “Environmental issues in the aspect of Land Governance Studies in Ukraine”.


The results of the project were disseminated via central and local media: at Lviv TV channel in the program “News in the 12th Channel”, Kyiv central channel in the program “Window in Europe”, Lviv local radio program, university newspaper and website.


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