In terms of project, it was planned info session, orientated to promote relationship between education, science and industry. The first info session was held in LNAU. Consortium members and representatives of production and science, post graduate students and other stakeholders took part.

The meeting with the rector of the university academician Snitynskyy V.V. was held during info-session. It was confirmed the importance of the project for development and introducing new educational programs in LNAU as well as strengthening relationship between education and practice in land resources management.

In terms of Info-session the issues of educational and methodological basis and organization of the educational process in LNAU, introducing international projects, peculiarities of studying at land management faculty of LNAU.

The attention was paid to challenges of land resources management in Macedonia and Ukraine, methodology of rural territories development at the regional level, training of foreign students in the sphere of land management in Aalto University.

The cooperation of universities and production representatives is an important element of introducing TEMPUS projects. The meeting with the director of Center of market researches, c.e.s. Liubchyk V.V. was organized. He spoke about the peculiarities of land organization in Ukraine.